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Virtual Events

We specialize in producing online events for town hall meetings, quarterly wrap-ups, company training and product rollouts for up to 10,000 people using the virtual venue that works best for you. We take care of everything from start to finish. 

We simplify online event production so you can focus on running your business. Our purpose is to make your world a little less stressful. So how do we do it? By thinking of every online event detail so you don’t have to. When you’re successful, we’re successful. We envision a world where people remember the message, not the mess-ups. 

"It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Rachel Mueller-Lust

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Online Education

For when you need your employees, listeners and learners to tune individually or collectively. Webinars are perfect for today’s educational content or trainings, often incorporating video conferencing tools with chat functions to allow for Q&A, polling and commentary.

Other options for consideration:

  • Present using live or pre-recorded video content and graphics.
  • Record the live feed and make available for post-broadcast streaming or downloading.
  • Generate revenue by adding a pay-to-view feature or offer for free.

Online Meetings

Bring the complexity of an in-person meeting into the virtual space. Allow attendees to view general sessions, breakouts and keynote speakers in real-time or on-demand.

Other options for consideration:

  • Allow virtual attendees to build and present their own content and view simultaneously occurring sessions later on-demand.
  • Host virtual meetings or remote cocktail hours with a live entertainment.
  • Incorporate data-gathering and analytics to allow for better follow-up.

Hybrid Events

When teams or participants are spread amongst multiple locations, hybrid events can bring both in-person and virtual elements together. Whether for a company town hall meeting, training, department alignment or celebration, a hybrid event can bring in-person groups and virtual participants into a connected, accessible space. 

Other options for consideration:

  • Craft an event guide with information and agenda so that all attendees can follow along with the flow of events.
  • To reinforce inclusion and involvement, consider sending remote attendees a package of swag, treats, and the event program.
Now, more than ever, technology plays a vital role in carrying out essential business operations. Whether that’s hosting a digital conference or virtual meetings with customers, your needs are our priority. At FortyTWO, we are passionate about staying connected without limitations.
Tony Ferrello

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We consider the basics. From small corporate meetings to large fundraisers, we know what works to get the job done right.

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Broadcast to any audience, no matter the scale. We make it easy to stream your town halls, meetings, concerts, trainings and everything in between.

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One solution that works with what you have today. And what you may need tomorrow.

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