Tyler Truss GT 10' Black


At 14 inches high and 24 inches wide, it just about perfectly houses most any automated lighting base, leaving the yoke and head free to pan and tilt. The lower profile of the truss allows it to better fit into hotel ballrooms and venues with a low ceiling. The width was chosen to allow the truss to fit four across in a standard truck, instead of three across as with 30-inch-wide truss. In traveling configuration, these trusses can be stacked two or three trusses high in the truck, depending on how much weight is rigged in them and how big the fixtures are that are rigged in the truss. The wheels are on removable legs that form a dolly for transport and they can be adjusted in height to accommodate the lighting. The casters are also high enough to be able to clear ramps without bottoming out. Instead of riding aluminum on aluminum, HUD Truss uses ultra high molecular weight plastic (UHMW) locaters to keep the trusses stacked and locked in place. UHMW is a type of plastic that has very high impact strength, is corrosion resistant, self-lubricating and resists abrasion.

  • Reduced load-in time & fuel consumption
  • Eliminates fixture cases
  • Tyler GT protects your fixtures
  • Dramatically reduce load-in & load-out time
  • 10′ Sections
  • 212 pounds with legs, 144 pounds without legs

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