Stageright Z-Fame Understructure Bay


Your guests will perform with confidence on stages and risers supported by the Z-800HD portable stage supports. They’re ideal for mid-height, heavy-duty stage risers such as mixing platforms, or events like cabaret dinner platforms. Setup is quick and easy, the portable stage decks bridge between the supports, meaning you have fewer stage platforms to set up.

The portable staging decks automatically align and lock riser sections together, and each single-piece support is braced horizontally to provide a rigid, wobble-free performance stage surface. Use them in conjunction with existing portable staging decks and locator plates for a wide variety of applications.

  • Ideal for mid-height, heavy-duty stage risers such as mixing platforms, or events for dinner platforms
  • Staging decks automatically align & lock riser sections together
  • Quiet performance surface because the snug fit eliminates rattle

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