Shure PSM 900 Personal Monitor System


With patented Audio Reference Companding, exceptional transmitter linearity, and patented CueMode functionality, the Shure PSM® 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System meets the needs of professional audio applications of all kinds, providing excellent audio quality and reliable RF performance. Twenty compatible frequencies per band and a 36 MHz to 40 MHz tuning bandwidth give the PSM 900 system the horsepower to handle demanding environments, including professional IEM and IFB applications.


Wireless Transmitter P9T

  • PSM 900 Wired Bodypack Personal Monitor P9HW
  • Bodypack Receiver P9RA+


  • Features a stereo bodypack receiver
  • Provides 20 compatible frequencies per band
  • Delivers a 36 MHz–40 MHz tuning bandwidth (regionally dependent)
  • Patented Audio Reference Companding sounds more like wired
  • Precision front-end RF filtering, significantly reduces RF interference
  • Exceptional transmitter linearity vastly reduces frequency intermodulation
  • Allows up to 20 compatible channels per frequency range
  • MixMode® Technology allows the bodypack user to balance the level of two separate channels while simultaneously listening to both signals in both ears

Shure PSM 900 Personal Monitor System

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