FUEL Angle Wash


The Angle Light WASH has a powerful 3-LED Light Engine that has been finely tuned to be the perfect soft spot. Unlike many types of wash fixtures that flood/spill light into unintended areas, the Angle Light WASH was designed to work side-by-side with the Angle Light to illuminate very specific areas without causing unwanted glare. Its 15deg light beam has a super smooth field with the perfect soft edge. No harsh beam, just beautifully soft, well controlled light.

Industries first wireless warm-white “soft-spot”.

  • ¬†Custom 3-LED Light Engine for a smooth well controlled light beam.
  • Unique 4 channel fixture grouping system.
  • Fully dimmable Control ( Flicker-Free driver coming soon! )
  • Custom solid aluminum light head perfect for keeping the LEDs cool.
  • Flexible yet highly positionable ball-&-joint gooseneck.
  • Custom extruded anodized aluminum main body.
  • Custom ultra-high-grade rechargeable lithium battery system.
  • Custom ultra-high-power magnetic mounting system.
  • 10 Hours of reliable run-time at full intensity… 19 hours when set to 70%
  • Uses same remote system as the Angle Light, Penda-Light and DaCore.

Additional information

Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 2.75 × 8.5 in

FUEL Angle Wash

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