Apex 3224


The Apex 3224 Mobile Hydraulic Stage is one of the most versatile mid-sized mobile stages in the industry. Custom banners, drops, and branding, as well as optional sound wings and risers are available. The APEX 3224 allows your small to medium-sized event to look just like a huge festival.

Utilizing American ingenuity and engineering, the APEX 3224 was designed to meet the unique needs of small to medium-sized events with the least impact possible on the surroundings. The all aluminum frame reduces the base weight of the APEX 3224 to about half the weight of its closest competitor while maintaining 125 lbs / sq. ft of live load on the all aluminum stage floor. This advanced engineering allows for placement in more public area without the worry of weight impact on the ground.

The APEX 3224 was designed with the show in mind. The ease of setup and tear down cuts labor costs by more than half of similar stages. The stage can be set up by 2-3 people in about an hour compared to 4-6 people for 2-3 hours needed for other similar stages. This allows for your show to be up and ready at a greatly reduced cost. The APEX 3224 was also designed with safety in mind. It has wind gust resistance of up to 70 mph and can be safely used with maintained with of up to 25 mph. Maximizing size, safety and functionality, while minimizing hauling and labor requirements sets the APEX 3224 apart from the competition.

  • Stage Floor: 32′ x 24′
  • Roof Size: 26′-3″ x 34′-0″
  • Rigging Height: 15′-11″
  • Stage Deck Height: 4′ to 5′-5″
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 11,500 lbs
  • Wind Resistance up to 70 mph
  • Custom banners and drops available
  • Optional sound wings and risers
  • Sets up in 1.5 hours



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Apex 3224

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