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Just some dreamers

Who we are

In 2006, we had a crazy idea. We wanted to assemble a group of talented, inspired and motivated individuals who shared a common dream to build unforgettable events… and we made it happen! For more than a decade, we have been proud to help create thousands of events. We promise to keep that momentum going by following one simple truth:

We are the answer to everything!

Maybe you’re organizing a fundraiser to benefit a local non-profit and are in need of accent lighting. Or maybe you’re building an outdoor concert in the heart of your city and need staging. Whatever your needs are, trust the pros.

We’ve been in business for 14 years and our team collectively boasts over 200 years worth of industry-related experience. And while our home address is located in Youngstown, we proudly produce events nationally.

Let’s connect! We believe in your dreams as much as our own.

We make it easy as...

What we do

We offer production level lighting, professional audio, video, staging and crowd control solutions that will bring your next event to rockstar status!


Equipment Rental

You rent technology and equipment from us to use it as you need. You tell us what you need, pick it up (or we can ship if needed) and you return it.

*Ideal for experienced professionals, event companies and touring productions.


Rental & Install

We deliver, set up and remove the equipment from your location, freeing you up to manage other event details.

*Ideal for standard event rentals such as stage risers, drapery or bike rack fence.


Production & Design

We offer all-inclusive packages handling everything you can think of when it comes to event production.

* Ideal for the vast majority of our clients seeking problem-free event solutions.

Let's create together

FortyTWO+ Support

We’re taking things to the next level. Now offering elite services that enhance your commercial marketing and advertising needs as well as add value to existing venue services. The possibilities are endless with FortyTWO! 


Studio Services

Creation, capture, mixing and mastering, and podcasts. We’ve acquired studio space to carry-out your needs from voiceovers and multi-tracking recording sessions to digital and analog techniques and distribution. 

  • Digital audio engineering 
  • Digital mixing and mastering 
  • On-location virtual events 
  • Podcast production 

Venue Partnerships

Your clients will be inspired to create amazing events, driving repeat bookings and increasing revenue for your venue! 

  • Event technology 
  • Visual design
  • On-site staffing 
  • Systems integration 
  • Technology support 


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