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Newsworthy Coverage

What is seen and heard live in the room during a broadcast is vastly different from what’s seen and heard on camera. We understand both sides of broadcasting and understand all the elements required to make broadcast possible and newsworthy.
Any type of broadcast requires special lighting to ensure the broadcasters are properly lit to avoid shadowing and incorrect color balance. Proper lighting also ensures clarity, depth and visibility for the audience when viewing the broadcast.

“Broadcasting is easy; you just talk until you think of something to say.”

-Lou Holtz

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ENG Flypack

4 Camera Production
$ 39
  • 4 BlackMagic USRA Broadast Camera
  • ATEM Switcher w/ 1ME Control
  • List Item #3

HD/4K Streaming

When you’re watching your favorite band on a late-night show, there are specific audio and lighting needs to deliver a high-quality performance to viewers. LED lighting, professional audio and staging are among a few of the services we offer for these unique telecasts.

Location Lighting

Our team has provided support for various political events, such as Obama for America in 2008 & 2012, SEIU, Mahoning County Republicans, and Senator Marco Rubio. From professional video broadcasting to lighting and audio support, we’ve had the privilege of bringing these historical moments to life through the expertise of our event pros.

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