We Believe in What We Do!

We are behind the technical magic, crew and support for tours, galas, concerts and events. We support amazing creatives, promoters and brands to construct remarkable experiences!

From national tours to local productions, we provide professional production-level lighting, audio, video and staging solutions.

Our integrated service solutions provide flexibility and accessibility, while delivering a flawless experience for the end user.

Our warehouse is stocked with popular rental items from the brands you trust. We're always adding new inventory to meet ever-changing production needs.

Our Virtual Venue platform will eliminate physical boundaries of your event, allowing you to go "viral" and expand your reach!

Do you want the answer to everything?

Event production is more than just a service to us. We take pride in creating projects we’re proud of, which is why you can trust we won’t just build an event – we’ll build an experience. After all, every event will become a story we pass down for years to come!

We believe in your dreams as much as our own.

In 2006, we had a crazy idea. We wanted to assemble a group of talented, inspired and motivated individuals who shared a common dream to build unforgettable events… and we made it happen! For more than a decade, we have been proud to help create thousands of events. 

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