Rental + Production Services

Not only do we have a bazillion pieces of equipment in our warehouse, we also have solid relationship networks that make us a one-stop shop for all your rental and installation needs.



Basic Equipment Rental

You rent technology and equipment from us to use it as you need. You tell us what you need, pick it up (or we can ship if needed) and you return it.

* Ideal for experience professionals, event company's and touring productions


Rental + Set Up

We deliver, setup, and remove the equipment from your location, freeing you up to manage other event details and who knows, maybe even enjoy the event!

* Ideal for standard event rentals such as stage riders, drapery, or bike rack fence. Plus, not having to pick up or return equipment is always a bonus.


Rental + Productions Services

We offer all-inclusive packages handling everything you can think of when it comes to event production.

* Ideal for the vast majority of our customers seeking problem-free event solutions.



You Know What you Need

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Full Equipment List

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You're Still Creating Your Vision

Some of our available equipment:

Need more help?

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You have a rental emergency and need it YESTERDAY!! Don’t Panic, we have you covered. Our team never quits until the project is complete.

Steps to take:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Pick up your iPhone or Droid and call us: 1-888-785-4242
  3. Celebrate your victory over last minute fire drills!

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