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In today’s high-tech market, concert and event lighting must be dynamic and energy-efficient, but also fit into the confines of the production’s overall scope.

We supply all varieties of production and stage lighting equipment, including: conventional fixtures, HMI, pre-rigged truss, moving lights, LED fixtures, lasers, strobe lights, and all of the accessories to accompany them.

Performance Video Playback Servers
Leading Brands of Intelligent Lighting Fixtures
Battery Operated Event Lighting
LED Wall Wash and Uplighting
Film and Television
LightingConventional 120k Two-Truss Lighting Systems
Conventional Lighting Fixtures and Dimming
Truss, Motors and Rigging
Lighting Plots and Rigging Plans


Lighting brings events to life...

"Out of all the event technology out there, I believe that it's the lighting that can turn any event into an experience to be remembered. From the colors and patterns, to what I consider light choreography, these technical elements are capable of enhancing even the most simple event and leaving attendees amazed. "

David Ruggles, Lighting Services Manager


Basic Equipment Rental

You tell us what you need, pick it up (or we can ship if needed) & you return it.

* Ideal for experienced professionals, event companies & touring productions.


Rental + Set Up

We deliver, setup & remove the equipment from your location, freeing you up to manage other event details & who knows, maybe even enjoy the event!

* Ideal for standard event rentals such as stage riders, drapery or bike rack fence. Plus, not having to pick up or return equipment is always a bonus.


Rental + Productions Services

We offer all-inclusive packages handling everything you can think of when it comes to event production.

* Ideal for the vast majority of our customers seeking problem-free event solutions.


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